How Couture Works

Your Wedding Dress is the ultimate reflection of who you are as a woman on one of the most symbolic days of your life....

My passionate aim when working with each and every client is to ensure that:

  • You enjoy being part of the creation process and that you 'own' the dress emotionally as well as physically.
  • From the moment you put on your dress to the moment it is taken off you look and feel utterly beautiful.
  • When you look at your photos and memories of the day they fill you with joy

My role as your Couturier is to listen to you tell me about how you want your day to look and feel, to show me your likes and dislikes and for me to get to really understand, using my extensive knowledge and expertise (as well as well honed intuition), what kind of dress is going to make you simply sign and exlaim... 'Yes', and then for you to relax knowing you are in safe hands.

In a nutshell, this is roughly how the process from start to finish works...

  • We will arrange for you to come to an appointment where I will want to know how you 'see your day', listen to your ideas and discuss styles, designs and fabrics to give you a dress that can celebrate your shape in as well as your day in. Don't be afraid to bring a 'mood board' of your wedding with you or any photos, magazines etc, the more information the better...
  • I will then use this information to create a design along with fabric samples to produce the final design and costings. Over the years I have made many contacts with specialist suppliers to source the ideal fabric unique to each dress created. my prices are fairly prices, non negotiable and reflect the time, fabrics and expertise given to produce each dress.
  • A 30% deposit (non refundable) is paid to secure our commitment to each other. As a rough guide expect to pay between £1000 to £2000.
  • Measurements are taken, a paper pattern is drafted and a calico 'mock up' of the dress is made (toile).
  • The dress is then cut using adjustments to the toile as a guide. As every wedding dress and every bride are different, the fittings needed may vary from two up to five, with the final fittin being made at an appointment to suit you.
  • As it is every brides prerogative to be indecisive it is possible to make design changes at most stages of the fitting process. Final details and embellishments are often perfected by trying out various options during the fittings.
  • The bespoke dress is then pressed ready for you to collect...

Haute Couture (which literally means 'high sewing' or 'high dressmaking' in French) is the creation of exclusive made-to-order clothing for a specific customer. The term was first used to describe to work of Charles Frederick Worth, an Englishman creating clothes in Parish in the mid-19th century.