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 The story so far....

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 After graduating from college, I went on to work for various designers including Droopy & Browns of York and London.  

I was given the opportunity to work for  the Couture House

'De Challie in Sydney, Australia where I spent three and a half years working closely with the Head Designer, designing dresses and outfits for shows in Sydney Opera Hose and the Presidential Palace in Florence, Italy.

I returned to England in 1997 when Jane Elmer Haute Couture was founded.  My inspiration comes from a deep love and knowledgeof fashion throughout the ages as well as a very great understanding of the female form.

I have experience of working with an extensive and varied clientele

for whom I have created everything from a simply elegant dress to the most exquisite wedding dresses and ball gowns imaginable.

According to the Wikipedia definition, Haute Couture creations are..

'typically made from high quality fabric, sewn with extreme attention to detail and finished by the most experienced and capable seamstresses, often using time consuming hand stiching techniques'

What it forgets to mention is I will, without doubt, make you look and feel beautiful inside and out... welcome to my world,

I look forward to sharing it with you...

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